2024 Shades of Pride Festival Honors Ball

The Factory, 6/15/2024
Mar 15, 2024
Free, VIP Tables Available

2024 Shades of Pride Festival: The Honors Ball with Yummy, Kevin Prodigy, and Leiomy "Miyake-Mugler".

Honoring monumental talent, fashion, film, and overall black culture. The honors ball will recognize individuals with awards, and will list categories that will require individuals to pay homage to various communities of black culture.

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Performance as a house 4

Motown Records—- // The music of Motown is a blend of popular (pop) and soul music. The Motown sound was soulful, sultry, uplifting, and relatable to the people of its time. Motown artists consisted of individual singers as well as groups. Many of them toured together in the 1960s at the height of Hitsville's reign, forming a Motown family who brought the world soulful sounds that were unique to each member. Motown Artists includes but not limited to;

The Temptations, The Supremes, Jackson 5, The Isley Brothers, Gladys Knight & the Pips & more.

4 people - using a 3-5 min production, bring to life a look and performance inspired by a Motown group. Music era of 60-80’s. Please bring pictures to support what group you are. Do your research & before creative!

House with the most points $1500

OTA Performance (Black-led SciFi movies/shows) $1000 [9 Trophies; Icon/Legend, Old Way, New Way, FQ, Drags, BQ, Twist, Women, Virgin]

  • Choose one of the sci-fi characters listed and recreate their look.
  • Predator, Blade, Dr. Manhattan from Watchmen, & Queen of the Damned

Bizarre - $500 (Painting on the Wall) [1 Trophy]

  • Jean-Michel Basquiat was a Puerto Rican/Haitian American artist known for his neo-expressionist paintings and graffiti art. Tonight, create a one of a kind look inspired by one of Basquiat’s portraits. Will you be the next painting on the museum wall?

Designers Delight v Best Dressed - $500 (Mahogany) [3 Trophies; FF, MF, Designers Delight]

  • Stop! In the name of fashion. Diana Ross is an undeniable fashion Icon, who had no problem delivering the world some of the most memorable looks. Showing a photo of your inspiration, recreate a look of Diana Ross that you are inspired by and don’t forget your headpiece.

Sex Siren v Body v Perfect 10s (Face, Body, & Realness) - $500 (BDSM) [10 Trophies; Catboy, Jr, Sr, Transman, Women, FQ, Drags, MF P10, FF P10]

  • Black kink is about pleasure first and foremost but it’s also bound up with freedom and empowerment. For your 10s, come fully clothed in an all-black formal look. For the battles, you have to bring it as the Master or Mistress in any color Leather, Latex, &/or Vinyl look.

Face $500 - The Roaring 20s [8 Trophies; Virgin, FQ, Drags, GNC, Women, BQ, Icon/Legend, Washed Face]

  • Twenties fashion is often remembered for its glitz and glamour, though underlying this was a move toward simplicity in dress. The 1920s also saw the emergence of a dapper style made popular by the great Gatsby himself. Tonight, bring it in your best 20s fashion. Whether an exotic flapper girl look or a sharp suit.

OTA Realness $500 (10 Trophies)

“The Cookout”

  • The 90s peaked some serious black aesthetic in its fashion and hair styles. Fashion of the '90s could be considered timeless, as pieces like crop tops, color blocking, high-waisted bottoms, bangs, pixie cuts, gold hoop earrings, long nails, lip liner, braids, and more. Tonight, bring a pic of your inspired look from the 90s as you’ll be at the cookout as:
  • Pretty Boy: “The Cousins” - Plain white t-shirt, white shoes, and blue denim jeans.
  • Thugs: “The Grill-master” - Do not forget your apron and cooking tools.
  • FemQueen: “Auntie Potato Salad” - You are rushing from the grocery store because you forgot some items for the cookout. What goodies will you have in your shopping cart/bags?
  • Jr FQ/School Girl: “The Baby Sitter” - Pigtails were a staple hairstyle in the 90s. Don’t forget the baby’s bag.
  • Drags: “Good Burger” - You were scheduled to work on this day but you got dressed & ended up calling off. Late to the cookout, bring it in your work outfit.
  • Transman: “Extra Duty” - Working hard in the sun to grab drinks, napkins, and all of the extras. Bring it in a tank top and the items you are supposed to bring to the cookout.
  • Everyday: “The Trade” Plain black t-shirt, black shoes, and black denim jeans.
  • Executive: “Out of Office” - You thought you were off but you had to bring the computer to the cookout, to address some unfinished business. Your look is still business, yet casual.
  • Legendary/Icon: “Elder” - There’s always a pastor in the family, who may indulge in some unholy activity. With a stern prayer, don’t forget your prophetic prop.
  • Butch: “Rebel” - You come as you are. Bring it in a color-block oversized/baggy outfit. Don’t forget your shades.

Runway $300 (Soul Train) [9 Trophies]

The cutting edge of music, dance and fashion. Soul Train is an American musical variety television show. Tonight, bring it in a creative look inspired by Soul Train performers. Bring an image to prove your vision your brought to life.

  • European: Virgin, Small, Tall & Big Boys, Drags, Women, FQ, Icon/Legend
  • All American

Hands Performance w/ a prop $100

  • Bring it in a colored glove.

Shoe Stack $500 (Goldmember) (2 Trophies)

[Sneaker v Sneaker & Pump v Pump]

Foxxy is the former employee of Goldmember who also was an undercover spy and sidekick to Austin. Tonight, the color GOLD should be one of the primary colors in your shoe.

  • Pump v Pump: Think Sneaker v Sneaker, BUT FOR HEELS! Launching a new category on the block, bring the best pumps out the closet. Heels are generally considered high when they are at least 3-4 inches. If you want to go higher, go for it! The winner will battle the Sneaker v Sneaker winner, for the $500.
  • Sneaker V Sneaker

MC v MC $100

  • You must incorporate the word “Honor” in your chant.

Trophy Categories
- JSette

- Shake that A$$

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