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It Began with a Promenade…

In 2003, when Tampa’s pride parade was effectively shut down by legislators, the St. Petersburg community picked up the torch. That first “Pride Promenade”  has turned into a month-long celebration, featuring activities across the city. And today, St Pete Pride is the biggest Pride celebration in the state of Florida and ranked in the top 40 largest Pride celebrations in the world!

But as the LGBTQIA+ rights movement has grown and evolved over the last two decades, so has St Pete Pride. New board members and volunteers continuously step up to carry the torch forward, ensuring all voices within the LGBTQIA+ community are seen, heard, respected, and celebrated. We have expanded our vision and worked to create an organization that better embodies the diversity of the St. Petersburg community.


A Community United

It all began with a promenade, but our mission is now to become a cultural institution dedicated to promoting a legacy of love throughout the city, 365 days a year.

St Pete Pride isn’t just representative of the community, it is the community: our volunteers, our community partners, our sponsors, and the hundreds of thousands of people aged 1 to 100 who participate in our events each year.

We are the reflection of a community united by its diversity. And we look forward to growing together for many years to come!


The Heart of Pride

At the heart of St Pete Pride lies a dedicated team. From board members to operational staff, we are a diverse group of individuals who have come together, committed to helping St Pete Pride continue to better serve and support the LGBTQIA+ community.


Our Mission

To strengthen St. Petersburg’s legacy of inclusion and diversity, providing a safe space for the education, self-exploration, and celebration of our LGBTQIA+ community and allies. By championing equity and representation, we aim to create an open and compassionate community where people are empowered to thrive. No matter who they are.

2024 Pride Partners

The contributions of our local partners enable us to achieve our mission of supporting the LGBTQIA+ community year round. Would you like to contribute to our cause?